Athletic Administration Degree

Master’s in Athletic Administration

Graduates of the Ohio University online master’s degree in Athletic Administration program learn to prepare to become successful leaders, athletic administrators, and athletic directors for interscholastic sports programs.

The master’s degree in Athletic Administration is a powerful educational experience delivered through a highly interactive educational environment. The curriculum will take students about 2 years to complete. Students are required to complete one 3-4 day on-campus Athletic Leadership Forum during the summer term.

The online program features in-depth discussions and hands-on projects that directly relate to athletic administration and the business of sports. Students will thoroughly examine athletic management techniques and gain the knowledge they will need to build and sustain successful athletic programs.

Master’s Degree in Athletic Administration Topics Include:

• Administration of Athletic Programs • Legal Foundations
• Risk Management • Facility Management
• Sports Governance • Policy Development
• Programming • Ethics
• Sports Consumers • Financial Administration
• Management and Leadership • Marketing
• Human Resource Management for Sports Organizations

In addition to traditional learning methods, students in the Athletic Administration program learn and network with other active administrators, coaches, and athletic administration faculty through online discussions, group collaboration, direct chats, blogs, and discussion boards.

Athletic Leadership Forum

Our 3 to 4 day on-campus Athletic Leadership Forum takes place during the summer term of the master’s degree in Athletic Administration program. During the forum students  participate in a series of seminars, projects, and presentations designed to truly highlight the nature of athletic administration.

The forum is an immersive experience that allows our students to build a sense of community and network with their peers and the program faculty in person.

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